CLI Reference

Using the CLI via SSH

There is no Cmd-specific client. Instead, you use an SSH client to interact with Cmd. Most of our documentation assumes OpenSSH, which is available on all Linux and MacOS systems.

Using Cmd via SSH typically looks like this in the terminal:

$ ssh <username> <command>

Quick Tip

The above can be shortened a number of ways. The most common is editing your ~/.ssh/config file to add:

Host cmd
  User <username>

Then you can run commands with:

$ ssh cmd <command>


Cmd uses your GitHub user for authentication. It also uses the SSH public keys stored with your GitHub account. If you haven’t uploaded a public key to GitHub, you can easily add one in Settings under SSH and GPG keys.

For more information, you can read Connecting to GitHub with SSH. If you can connect to GitHub via SSH, you can connect to Cmd.

Builtin Commands

The point of Cmd is to run commands you create, but there are builtin commands to manage and configure your commands. These commands are prefixed with a colon.

:access     Manage command access
:admins     Manage command admins
:create     Create a command
:delete     Delete a command
:edit     Edit a command
:env     Manage command environment
:ls     List available commands
:source     Display command source
:tokens     Manage access tokens
:help     Help about any command

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